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As specialists in gastromarketing and tourist marketing, our menu presents the services that best suit your restaurant, hotel, country house, brand of food or drink.

Each of our services is made with love and with the best ingredients so that the result is a success.

If what you need is a team that helps you sell more, consolidate your brand or make the leap to succeeding on the internet, WEKOOK marketing has it.

In our kitchen we prepare all these dishes:

Our Service Menu

We will prepare the recipe adapted to your needs
Custom budget
Web design
Attractive, dynamic, user-oriented websites
Custom budget
We help you build a solid brand, identifying the values that bind it to your consumers
Custom budget
We have graphic and audiovisual designers to meet any of your needs
Custom budget
We develop simple and easy-to-manage mobile applications for your hospitality and food business
Custom budget
Integral solution for online sales of your product or service
Custom budget

Digital Marketing

We love cooking strategies! Our digital chefs will analyse your market to create the best strategic recipes for your business.

We will help your company to improve or create your online presence, initially analysing what it is that you need and what makes it different and special for your consumers.

We will design the best way to implement your digital strategy, creating contents according to your audience and using the channels related to it.

At WEKOOK we cook with love and pay close attention to the details, because we believe that it is the best way to surprise your consumers and enjoy an experience that wins them over.

Diseño Web

Web design is one of our main dishes, many of the marketing strategies that we carry out are based on this important tool.

We like to cook attractive, dynamic websites, oriented to the user and without forgetting the importance of giving them an optimal SEO treatment to obtain a good positioning in the main search engines.


At WEKOOK Marketing we help you to build a solid brand, identifying the values that bind your consumers creating strong and lasting bonds.

Our branding work consists of a process of analysing your brand and sector to define which are the best attributes and values that will define the image and strategy of your brand.

WEKOOK Brands!

Graphic Design and Production

At WEKOOK we have graphic and audiovisual designers to meet any of your needs. Whether you need to renew your brand or if you want to launch a new product, we will cook the ideas that captivate your consumers, in image, photo or video format.

Together we will prepare the recipe of the ingredients with which we want to communicate (briefing) and then we will develop the necessary dishes: from a new corporate logo, professional photographs for your website or a promotional video.

We are WEKOOK Marketing and we are prepared to be your graphic design agency.


Do you want to start selling online and do not know where to start? At WEKOOK we offer you a comprehensive online sales solution for your product or service. We will accompany you from the creation of the online store, the choice of the appropriate delivery packages, advice regarding e-logistics and the subsequent planning and implementation of the digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting your type of buyer to your online store and facilitate the conversion.

App Development

We develop simple and easy-to-manage mobile applications for your hospitality and food business. One of the most effective actions of Mobile Marketing is to have a mobile application for your company, since it is a perfect tool to position your brand over the competition (your client has reserved a space for your brand on their smartphone), as well how to attract and retain customers.

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