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We are KOOK Lovers, we enjoy cooking up strategies for DIGITAL MARKETING and WEB DESIGN.
We help you to meet, connect and attract your customers.

We want to be your Digital Chefs

We will cook with love for you

At WEKOOK we are a team of professionals who enjoy cooking marketing strategies for hospitality, tourism and food companies. We work alongside you to help you achieve your goals thanks to study, strategic planning and digital communication.

We want to be your perfect digital chefs and cook ideas that will make your consumers fall in love, in a context where digital presence is the key to connect with them and build loyalty.

We invite you to come to our kitchen and ask to taste your menu,

We are KOOK Lovers, shall we cook?


we are cook lovers

What are we going to cook?

Digital Marketing Strategies adapted to your needs

At WEKOOK all the services we cook contain the essential ingredients to carry out a comprehensive digital strategy. Whether you have an online presence already or not, we will take care of developing the perfect recipe for your customers to enjoy your products or services.

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we like to cook well

Who do we cook for?

We will help you to delight your customers

Our main clients are companies in the hospitality, tourism and food sectors. We are those who believe that doing what we like and focusing our efforts on specializing in this sector, allows us to be a true chef in this area and offer a good value proposition to our customers.

marketing para restaurantes

Marketing for Restaurants

Filling the reservation book is not an easy task, the “word of mouth” method is sometimes not enough. And the marketing for restaurants has spectacular potential, who does not like to see an image of a succulent plate of food and imagine tasting it? We will be the ones in charge of delighting and enticing your guests to your restaurant through gastromarketing strategies.

Marketing for Food Products

What drives a consumer to choose a certain product on the supermarket shelf or on a website? It is a decision in which many elements are involved; sensations, memories, flavours, product quality, price, packaging, … We will develop marketing strategies so that at that moment of decision, the chosen product is yours.

Marketing para Productos de Alimentación
marketing para bebidas

Marketing for beverages

Do you have a wine cellar, a beer brand, a spirit drink or any other type of beverage? Drinks are the perfect excuse to get together, be it for work, friendship, family or couples; ‘Why don’t we meet for a drink?’ They are usually present in long conversations and good times. Getting your product to be the chosen beverage requires a great marketing effort. At WEKOOK, through marketing and enomarketing strategies we will work to connect your product with your consumers.

Marketing for Hotels and Country Houses

If you have a hotel or a country house and you want to build or improve your online presence, we can help you win over your clients before they start their vacations. Nowadays, when we plan our vacations, we do many searches on the internet beforehand, so it is essential to have a good digital strategy for hotels and country houses. Tell us what ingredients you have and we will prepare the best recipe to delight your customers.

marketing para hoteles
marketing para empresas turísticas

Marketing for Tourist Companies

We have grown up with tourism, we appreciate it and we know the recipe to attract customers to your tourism company through tourism marketing strategies. We work on strategies from the country of origin that will later be supported by destination strategies so that tourists can book your services and enjoy the tourist experience that you offer.

Marketing for Events

Because we would not only like to help you in the digital part, we can also cook the best events for you: business gatherings, parties, product promotions, corporate presentations, catering… We enjoy merging the offline part with the online part of your event to be a whole success.

marketing para eventos

Digital marketing

A key ingredient for your company

If you’ve gotten here, you’re probably thinking of entering the world of digital marketing in the hands of experts. And having a good digital presence is key to the development of your company, because our consumers are increasingly connected to the digital world and collect a lot of information before making decisions.

In our case, we combine our experience in digital marketing with our passion for gastronomic and tourism marketing. At WEKOOK Marketing we have specialized in clients in the hospitality, tourism and food sectors, because we believe that we can be the perfect partners to develop your brand and boost your sales.

With gastronomic marketing or gastromarketing we apply all the necessary marketing techniques, online and offline so that your restaurant, hotel or brand of food or drink, manages to stand out from your competition and achieve success over time.

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

At WEKOOK we cook digital marketing with the Inbound Marketing technique. We make your content appetizing, like the best chef’s recipes, and enamour your consumers. In this way we will be able to attract them and retain them without invading their space and time.

marketing gastronómico

Everything is cooked at the time

With Digital Marketing we will devote all our effort to finding the perfect ingredients, which are healthy and fresh to cook the best recipes so that the time comes, we will cook everything fresh. We are exposed to the opinions of our consumers in real time which also gives us a great source of information to modify one of our actions or implement a new one depending on the command.

marketing para vinos

A lasting relationship

Even when we have already delighted our clients, digital marketing will allow us to build relationships with our consumers through Social Media or E-mail Marketing. It is not a question of winning them in one day, but of maintaining a special bond that makes us their favourite brand.

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WEKOOK Marketing 

Our kitchen team is ready to help you win over your customers. We are specialists in creating gastronomic marketing strategies adapted to your needs. We will study your case in a personalized way and we will work together to create a digital project that will enamour you.

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us at info@wekookmarketing.com or our social profiles.

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