Tourist industry

At WEKOOK, we also cook recipes for the tourist industry. Our chefs are in charge of analysing market tendencies and prepare different strategies focused on the consumers. This way, we succeed on making your business different from the rest, even before your clients pack their bags. As tourist marketing specialists, we introduce you to our service menu, made with love, so that the result can be a success.

What can we do for your company?

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has turned into the most asked dishes from our kitchen, since we are experts in improving our clients online presence. We dedicate ourselves to analyse the market in which you take part and create the best strategic recipes for your business. You are just going to need to relax while your clients feel the heat of our stoves.



We will help you to turn your online traffic into sales, designing an efficient online shop, with a great SEO treatment, that will allow you to compete for the first positions on the main search engines, and to be adapted to any device. No one will resist on clicking on your shop.



As tourist marketing specialists, we will help you create and build a solid brand through our branding work, identifying which values connect your consumers and your brand, creating strong and durable ties. Everyone will be able to recognise you after you spent a time in our kitchens.


Graphic design and production

Food comes in by the eyes, and so that this sentence can be true, we will cook graphic and audiovisual dishes to develop the design of your tourist company. We will renew the image of your brand or create it from the beginning with quality ingredients that will change your design into a unique and delicious dish.


Mobile App

We will create an app adapted to your business’ specific needs, able to delight your clients and allowing you to connect with them. But don’t you worry, it will be as easy and simple to use as following a recipe.

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