Do you produce wine, beer, or any other type of drinks? At WEKOOK Marketing, we can help you develop the best strategy to satisfy and gain your customers loyalty, since a drink is always welcomed, even more when you can enjoy it with company! However, to make your product be the chosen one among hundred other options, you are going to need a good marketing strategy.

What are we going to use?


Digital Marketing

Activate an online strategy has become one of the key elements for a good marketing strategy, and drinks brands aren’t exempted. To design the perfect strategy to promote your company and your drinks on the web as on social networks, it’s our job!


Web design and online shop

As a drink brand, it is very important to have a website that represents you, your brand as well as your products. To give the possibility to your consumers to get your products whenever they want will be a real benefit for you as for them, and therefore for your sales.



As gastronomic marketing specialists, we will help you create and build a strong brand through our branding work, identifying which values connect your consumers to your brand, creating strong and durable ties.


Graphic design

In order to sell your drinks, sometimes, a good packaging or a pretty label aren’t enough… You have to optimise the visual quality, even before your consumer meets your product. To do so, graphic design becomes the key element of your marketing campaign! On your website, on your social networks, we will design infographics and images linked to your brand and above all eye catching… To make your clients fall in love with your brand, at first sight!

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