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Digital Marketing has become essential and, although it is still difficult for us to take the step, it is part of the digital transformation we are experiencing. Because this does not only go for companies that want to digitize, it’s because consumers are already digitized! They are progressing and if we want to talk to them we will have to use their own means.

At WEKOOK Marketing we take on the challenge of helping your company improve or create its online presence, analysing your market so that our digital chefs create the best strategic recipes for your business.

We believe that digital marketing goes far beyond managing a social network, we will analyse, learn what your type of buyer needs, detect what your business has different and thus use the wide range of tools offered by digital marketing to create a communication that wins your consumers.

Therefore, we will design the best way to implement your digital strategy, creating content according to your audience and using the channels related to it.


At WEKOOK we cook with love and pay close attention to the ingredients we use, because we believe that it is the best way to surprise your consumers and create an experience that wins them over.

What can we do for your company?

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We plan and manage your Social Networks

We will design a Social Media plan according to the needs of your business and sector. We will analyse what social networks are relevant to your audience and we will be in contact with them. We want to be your Social Kooker Manager, cooking relevant content and interacting with your consumers.

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We create your content

Content marketing is our thing, we create the best content to seduce your audience in the form of blogs, infographics, videos, images, presentations… And it is that valuable content which is the basis of Inbound Marketing, where we will be able to captivate, attract and get a new client.

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We work on your SEO / SEM positioning

As your digital marketing agency, we are prepared to work on all your SEO positioning. We know all the tricks so that with a well done job, your business is present on the main search engines. In addition, we can also advise you to make an optimized advertising investment through the study of keywords and come out on top at the time that customers are looking for someone like you.

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Digital Analysis and Monitoring

We study how your market and your competition are and how the digital presence they have is, to define the best strategy that you can reach your consumers. We set the objectives with you and define the tracking KPIs to measure all the actions we carry out. Digital Marketing allows us to measure the actions we do and know which ones work best with our target audience.

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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a very effective method to build relationships because it allows us to select which customers we want to address and also at what time. For example, through a newsletter we can launch a special promotion for our most loyal customers or even congratulate them on their birthday by inviting them to celebrate it at our store.

In addition, Mobile Marketing is a very useful action because nowadays many of the emails that we receive are opened from the mobile so we can impact our audience at the moment we need.

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Digital Advertising

To promote all the content created we can make use of digital advertising. At WEKOOK we will optimize all the means to reach your specific targets through social ads and search engine advertising. It is a very useful complementary tool to reach a greater number of potential clients.

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Influencer Management

These days, the influencer marketing is shown as one of the most effective techniques to amplify your brand and make it reach a wider audience. At WEKOOK we will put you in contact with influencers related to your brand and your sector to be your ambassadors.

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