Graphic Design and Production

At WEKOOK we want to be your graphic and audiovisual chefs to develop the design of your brand or product and to conquer your consumers. Whether you need to renew the image of your brand or if you are thinking of launching a new product, our team is ready to be the graphic design agency you were looking for.

Together we will gather the ingredients that make your design a unique and exquisite dish to meet your goals.

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Corporate Image Design and Products

At WEKOOK we work to dress your brand or products with an attractive image and in coherence with your values and those of the sector. Because it is not only important to cook a good product, but also to use it to conquer your consumer at a glance.

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Our team will prepare for you the graphic design needs you have, from creatives for digital media such as infographics, banners, material for social networks, newsletters etc., and also to take them to print as business cards, restaurant menu design, advertising outside, etc.

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Product Photographs

We make professional photographs of your products for your website or for the catalogue of your company. In the catering sector, the image we offer is very important and that’s why professional photographs will bring out the best in your products to make them irresistible for consumers.

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Video production

Video marketing is a growing trend, because it helps us differentiate ourselves at a time when content consumption is increasing. In WEKOOK marketing we help you to mark this difference through audiovisual content such as: corporate videos, didactic or explanatory videos, video of your products or services…

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