To develop a marketing strategy for food products, we need to know our product well, in order to develop it at its best. What will make your product to be chosen by the consumer in the supermarket stand? What will make him add it to its cart on an online shop? 

In WEKOOK, we know the answers of these questions, and much more…

If you sell or produce a food product, we can help you cook the perfect recipe to gain your consumers over, and attract new ones!

How can we help you?


Digital Marketing

These times, almost everything is done on internet, and all businesses need an online presence. With our team, we will study actual and future tendencies to position your brand at the forefront on the main search engines. After analysing your brand, we will cook digital strategies, adapted to your food company, and implement them to reach your consumers.


Web design and online shop

Today, having the possibility to put your product at the reach of the entire world is not a privilege anymore, but a need. At WEKOOK Marketing, we create an attractive website that will me equipped of an online shop so that your clients can have access to all your products. Those will never be missed by your consumers, and it will also improve your positioning, in order to reach them even more.



Visual brand identity has to reflect the personality and values that we would have defined previously. We will design the image of your brand faithful to your strategic goals and with enough solidity and differences to compete on your market in the long term. Your consumers will love your products, for their quality as for your brand.


Graphic design

At WEKOOK Marketing, we think that what most stands out is the visual. Therefore, we will cook for your food business images and infographics related to your brand and the values you wish to share, in order to delight and gain your customers’ loyalty, even before they have to taste your product! 

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