About Us

At WEKOOK Marketing we are a team of professionals that unite our passion for digital marketing and for hospitality, tourism and catering. We love sitting in a good restaurant to enjoy their delicious dishes while thinking about strategic ideas for our customers.

We consider ourselves KOOK Lovers, digital chefs at your service to cook your ideas or projects with more pepper than salt, because we do not want to leave anyone indifferent.

We are committed to specializing our digital marketing agency in gastronomic marketing because we love it and because we believe that we can do different things in this sector and help companies like yours to build a brand that makes them fall in love with you and to win over your customers.

We consider ourselves inhabitants of the world and, although to this day, the kitchen room of our digital marketing agency is in Spain, we cook for all tastes, so do not hesitate to book a digital table with us regardless of where you are.

kooking marketing with love

A recipe has no soul, it’s the cooker who must give soul to the recipe

Thomas Keller

Our philosophy

Cooking digital marketing strategies with heart


We know that the success of a good kitchen team is in the balance between cooking with love and the agility to get delicious dishes.


When we cook and eat, we talk, we like communication and create a good team between the kitchen and diners (customers).


The ingredients are the basis of the success of a good dish, so we pay attention so that our team is always ready to offer a good service.


We believe that we can all do a bit more to take care of our environment, we cook responsibly.


We practice a healthy diet, with some occasional treats 🙂

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