“I am so sorry, our restaurant is full”. Wouldn’t you love to tell that to your customers? We are aware that to fill the reservation book can be tricky, but it is possible thanks to the great potential of the marketing for restaurants. As professionals of this sector, we are in charge of delighting and attract your clients with the best gastromarketing strategies.

What can we do for your restaurant?


Digital Marketing

As authentic digital chefs, after analyzing your market, we will cook digital strategies that will delight your clients thanks to unique recipes, made with the best materials.


Web Design

We will help you to attract new customers, designing a professional, attractive and dynamic website, with a great SEO treatment that will help you compete for the first positions on the main search engines, and with an adaptation to any device, to help you not to miss any opportunity to attract a new potential client.



Branding is to build the brand image. However, for us, it is not only to design a logo or to create a slogan, but also to build entirely the perfect reflection of the personality of your restaurant. Our team will work on understanding your business and its values, to be able to create a tie with your clients and make your restaurant a unique place.


Digital menus

We design a digital menu adapted to your restaurant so that your consumers can consult your dishes from any device. Thanks to an attractive design made by our chefs, you will succeed on attracting more clients, improving the gastronomic experience, even before your clients come to your restaurant.


Reservation system

Can you imagine being able to receive reservations 24/7? How would this affect your business? Probably positively. Therefore, at WEKOOK, we implement a reservation system in our digital strategy so that your customers can book any time during the day, in an organised way, preserving your valuable time intact.

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